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Yesterday the WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate has been anounced. This means that its not going to take long until 2.0 final will be released. The Release Candidate is meant to find the last few bugs (if any) and fix them – sooner or later it will become the final version. Check it out at WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate.

This week our server broke down. The harddrive made sounds like hammering their heads against the disc – which of course is not good. So we had to find another harddisk. Fortunately I had kind of a *spare* computer at home which has a lot more harddisk space available (60GB instead of the poor 30GB drive we had). So we switched to this computer.
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You can use a GTK+ tool called [Drivel]( (see Image 1) or one called [BloGTK]( to access your WordPress Blog and add posts (like this one). Alternatively there is a Gnome applet named gnome-blog that basically does the same (although Drivel is much more sophisticated). As you may have noticed I’m mentioning tools for Linux for I am using Linux as my primary Operating System (about 99% of my time). There exists a list of blogging tools for other OSs like Windows and MAC OS at the [Wordpress Weblog Client Page](
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September 9, 2005 — 1 Comment

Now this is neat! [WordPress]( does what I want. And this is the reason I converted to WordPress. WordPress is a weblog tool based on PHP with a MySQL database and valid XHTML 1.0. I also did a new theme looking like my old [Mambo]( template – with small changes and a CSS file much smaller (about 65% of original size).
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