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Apples new iPod Video

October 13, 2005 — Leave a comment

Apple announced its [new iPod]( a few days ago. And I saw it today and thought “Wow – how can they do that?”. Its size is smaller than the original iPod, the screen size increased to watch video, its capacity increased and is now available from 30GB to 60GB and the price is at an ultimate low: it starts at $299 in the US. When is it going to be available in europe? With all the new accessories ([Camera Connector](, [AV Cable](, […]( it is the perfect companion when you’re not at home.

iPod shuffle

January 12, 2005 — Leave a comment

“Wow!” was what I thought as I saw this wonderful thing. I always wanted to have an iPod but didn’t want to invest that much. Now this is an USB-Stick with musicplayer – a good thing nowadays 🙂 My actual USB-Stick has 128MB, which is not that much… This iPod shuffle has 512 or even 1024MB of Flash RAM! I’m really thinking about an iPod shuffle, though I don’t really need one. But who really needs one, hm? 😉 The only disadvantage is it doesn’t have a display, but at that size it’s not that bad – you couldn’t read it anyway 😉 Now I’m having a hard time arguing with myself…
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