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Room for Milk

August 16, 2006 — Leave a comment

Today I found some interesting pages about treemaps. Normally used to graphically display size information about a large amount of data it can also be used on websites to display tags. Don’t know what I mean? Then check this one out: RoomforMilk. Nice idea, [Geoff Gaudreault](!

Today I played a bit with my [fotoalbum](/development/fotoalbum/). I learned that I made a whole **lot** of database queries which are not necessary at all. So I began making optimisations to improve performance.
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Inkscape is a very simple yet powerful vector graphics program. You can create and edit any svg image and even include other images in it. It is easy to use – it took me about an hour to create this icon although I had no previous Inkscape knowledge. I also tried out some advanced functions as gradients and drawing bezier curves. It was really fun creating an icon, maybe I’ll create my own for [my fotoalbum](/2005/08/my-fotoalbum).
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My own Paint Brush.

I found out about the tutorials at the GIMP website ([The GIMP](, so I tried out some of them. The most impressing tutorial for me has been the [“Draw A Paint Brush”]( tutorial by Tuomas Kuosmanen. You can see the resulting image at the left, I’m going to put the gimp source file up when I’ve got more time.
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