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Today I played a bit with my [fotoalbum](/development/fotoalbum/). I learned that I made a whole **lot** of database queries which are not necessary at all. So I began making optimisations to improve performance.
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fotoalbum r1176

October 14, 2005 — Leave a comment

Hi folks. I’ve been working on fotoalbum to improve themes and using custom style sheets. Check it out, it is now capable of a new theme called sdm-fixed (which will evolve in the following versions of fotoalbum). Please send me feedback on how it works and how it could be improved.
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fotoalbum r1122

September 22, 2005 — Leave a comment

A brand new version of my [fotoalbum](/2005/08/my-fotoalbum) is out today. Grab it while it’s still hot! With it comes a renewed version of the [fotoalbum WordPress plugin](/wordpress-fotoalbum-plugin).
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WordPress has so many fotoalbum plugins for galleries hosted by flickr or other online image databases. I made my own [fotoalbum](/2005/08/my-fotoalbum) a few months ago and thus I wanted to create a plugin that can be used. It is designed to be simple and has only a few options yet, but you can already get single thumbnails from fotoalbum images and even whole contents of an album as thumbnails. It also displays the title of the image and uses the current number of image on the page as prefix.
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My fotoalbum

August 24, 2005 — Leave a comment

Not long ago I was bored – I was thinking about something to code. I had a talk about a fotoalbum with my girlfriend – written in PHP(PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) -, so we could share some fotos. There are a lot of them out there, sure, but they all had some limitations, bad layout, etc. that made us think about it. Even the gallery I use right now is not what I really wanted to have. So I build my own.
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