WordPress fotoalbum Plugin

Note: This plugin is currently disabled and is not developed any further for the moment.

### Syntax ###

#### Single Images ####

It uses the following syntax to display a single image from your fotoalbum database:

The `id=”IID”` part says use image with id “IID” from fotoalbum database. Insert any valid id for “IID” (integer). It displays only published images and ignores unpublished ones. The attribute id must be existent or it will be ignored.

The `prefix=”Image %d: “` part says use this given prefix before the title at the bottom of the image. `%d` will be replaced with the actual index of the image in this page. This attribute is optional, its *default* is `”Image %d: “`.

#### Images from an album ####

The syntax that can be used to display the whole content of albums (though only images, not albums itself) is described here:

It says display all images from (published) album where id equals “AID”. The attribute id is obligatory. If not given the element will be ignored.

The attribute title is a switch that turns displaying the title `”on”` or `”off”`. These are also the possible values. This attribute may be omitted, its *default* value is `”on”`.

`prefix=”Image %d: “` sets the default prefix for the images in this album. `%d` will be replaced with the actual index of the image. You may omit this attribute, it *default*s to `”Image %d: “`.

### Images and Albums ###

It’s allowed to display images and albums in one fotoalbum element. You may use it as you like and even mix the order as you like. This example will show you how.

This code will display the image with id 1 first, followed by the image with id 2, the all published images from album with id 3, album with id 4, image with id 5, album with id 6. It should be simple to understand.

### Get it ###

There is an archive of all available versions of the fotoalbum plugin at the [download section](/download/). Check out the latest version there.

### FAQ ###

Why does no image appear when I add image id="IID"?
You have to put the element fotoalbum around every image or album you want to display.
I correctly use the fotoalbum Plugin syntax, but my images still don’t appear. What’s wrong?
You may use images or albums that don’t exist. Double check the existance of your images and albums. Another reason why fotoalbum Plugin doesn’t show any images is that there are errors in your posting (like opened tags that do not close, …). Try validating your document with the W3C HTML Validator. Remove the errors from your post and check if the images are still missing.

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