Here you will find downloadable material such as my [fotoalbum](/development/fotoalbum/), [mkmvsh](/development/mkmvsh/), the [sdm-fixed theme](/development/wordpress-sdm-fixed-theme/) for [WordPress]( and the [fotoalbum plugin](/development/wordpress-fotoalbum-plugin/) for WordPress. Recent versions of this stuff will be posted here, so come back regularly to check for new content.

## [fotoalbum](/development/fotoalbum/) ##

*fotoalbum* is an image gallery written in PHP using MySQL and Smarty.

* [download fotoalbum r1293](
tar archive (gzip-compressed) (187.8 KB)

## [mkmvsh](/development/mkmvsh/) ##

*mkmvsh* is a shell to create (encode) AVI-files out of any media [MPlayer]( is able to read.

Currently the only version available is a debian package. If you like *mkmvsh* and would like to create a package in another format please contact me through [the comment form](#respond). You will also need *ruby-mplayer*, as it is a dependency.

* [download mkmvsh 0.1.1](
Debian package (6.3 KB)
* [download ruby-mplayer 0.1.0](
Debian package (3.7 KB)

## [WordPress Theme sdm-fixed](/development/wordpress-sdm-fixed-theme/) ##

The *sdm-fixed* theme is a fixed width theme – designed to scale well when browser font size is changed.

* [download sdm-fixed 0.9.3](
ZIP archive (24.8 KB)

## [WordPress Plugin for fotoalbum]( ##

I’ve created a WordPress plugin to connect to my *fotoalbum*. Related to some changes in the XML library it is available in two versions, one for [PHP 4]( and one for [PHP 5](, the most actual version of [PHP](

* [download fotoalbum plugin 0.4php4](
ZIP archive (1.8 KB)
* [download fotoalbum plugin 0.5php5](
ZIP archive (2.0 KB)

## FVWM Theme sdm ##

I created a theme for the F* Virtual Window Manager (actually noone really knows what the F stands for). Here’s the package for it. Screenshots are available at [the Screenshots Album]( Have a look.

* [download FVWM Theme sdm 0.2](
tar archive (gzip-compressed) (131.0 KB)

## GDM Theme greenmeadow ##

I found a great background image that I like a lot. I still use it at this very moment. I liked it so much I created a GDM theme from it. What the theme looks like can be seen at [the Screenshots Album]( Don’t be shy.

* [download GDM Theme greenmeadow](
tar archive (gzip-compressed) (690.0 KB)

## Older Versions ##

Can be found at the [Older Versions Page](/download/older-versions/).