Rage Against the Machine — Killing in the Name (Orchestral Arrangement)

October 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

By: Nick Proch
Source: http://ift.tt/1DD3NpK

Looking for the MP3 of this arrangement? Check out our Kickstarter! http://ift.tt/1t3Hiae Anyone who pitches in to the Kickstarter will receive the MP3 of Killing in the Name, if the project is successfully funded.

I worked with an INCREDIBLY talented orchestra and production team to make this happen:

Recorded by Tim Jaquette at Citrus College Recording Studios http://ift.tt/1yiQO9O

Mixed by Keith Ukrisna at Sonic Fuel Studios http://ift.tt/10lGMJX

Mastered by Nathan James at Vault Mastering http://ift.tt/OgN7Qk

Video shot by John Barsky

Piccolo: Maya Taylor
Flute: Laura Lyman
Clarinets: Sheri Pearlman, Raul Aguiniga
Bass Clarinet: Garrett Becker
Bassoons: Gabriel Mora, Clayton Slusser

Trumpets: Michael Ruiz, Richard Carey, Mark Novelich
Horns: Adam Wolf, Preston Shepard, Chris Wilson, Jacob Wilder
Trombones: Josh Linares, Ian Ramos, Adrian Carillo
Tuba: Victor Pena

Violins: Lisa Grzanka, Jordan Slocum, Cesar Chicco, Tamboura Baptiste, Henry Webster, David Blum
Violas: Hunter Harris, Brandon Encinas, Rebecca Lester, Hailey Walterman
Cellos: Jacob Boyd, Natalie Kepple, Dan Lesser
Bass: Eric Gelencser
Piano: Kana Yamato

Special thanks to Kassy Hunter (trumpet) and Chris Lopez (trombone) as well, and David Mendez for constantly reassuring me that only 75% of my ideas are terrible, and the other 25% are worth pursuing. I’m so lucky to have so many great people to work with! Help us make more music: http://ift.tt/1t3Hiae



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