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By: Mark Rober

This is a new way for bad guys to steal your ATM pin code using an iPhone without you noticing at all BUT there is a really simple way to prevent it from happening.


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By: Google Developers

The best classes in any Java application are the ones that do stuff,
e.g., the BarcodeDecoder, the KoopaPhysicsEngine, the AudioStreamer, etc. These classes all have dependencies; perhaps a BarcodeCameraFinder, DefaultPhysicsEngine, and an HttpStreamer. In contrast, the worst classes in any application are the ones that take up space without doing much at all, e.g., the BarcodeDecoderFactory, the CameraServiceLoader, and the MutableContextWrapper. These classes are the clumsy duct tape that wires the interesting stuff together.

Dagger is a very fast and simple replacement for these FactoryFactory
classes. It allows you to focus on the interesting classes. You just simply declare dependencies, specify how to satisfy them, and ship your app.

Dagger is a joint effort between Google and Square with some individual contributors from other places such as Netflix. It is descended conceptually from another project used widely within Google called Guice, which despite its popularity was not without issues.

This is the story of another small group of engineers attempting to evolve and improve DI forward yet again with Dagger: a dramatically different reimplementation using generated code.

By: Red Bull

More downhill MTB action right here:
Claudio Caluori is back on the bike for a high speed preview of the Méribel MTB downhill course for 2014. As always, you can expect some enlightened commentary and rip-roaring action from the Gstaad Scott team manager as he tears down the DH track.

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By: minutephysics

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Balancing Rocks
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Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics — all in a minute!

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By: Johannes Kopf

We present a method for converting first-person videos, for example, captured with a helmet camera during activities such as rock climbing or bicycling, into hyperlapse videos: time-lapse videos with a smoothly moving camera.

For a more technical explanation of our system watch this video:

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How the sun sees you

August 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

By: Thomas Leveritt

We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already.

Music: ‘Summer in the City – Starcadian remix’ by Freedom Fry They are awesome. So is Starcadian.

By: Veritasium

Five cool physics tricks, but how do they work? Leave your ideas in the comments below or subscribe for the answers next week.
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Chris Hadfield in AUS:

The Cane Balance:
Slide your fingers in from the ends of a horizontal cane to find its centre of mass.

Shot and Edited by Pierce Cook at the YouTube Space LA.

Music by Amarante:

By: Werbewoche


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By: Steve Cutts

Animation created in Flash and After Effects looking at mans relationship with the natural world.

Music: In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.

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By: emimusic

Blue Lines 2012: Rebuilt from the original tapes, remixed and remastered.
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