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By: João Dias

Google Now just become Google Everything 🙂

Anyone can now customize Google Now and Create new Voice commands for it to do whatever Android, Tasker and the AutoApps ( allow you to!

Everything is now an “Ok Google” away.

Download AutoVoice here:
Download Tasker here:

Note, to do everything you see in this video you need to use several other AutoApps other than AutoVoice. Check here:

Automate Your Voice!

By: Romain Laurent

Berlin Fashion Film Festival Official Selection:
Best Cinematography / Best Idea / Best Visual Effects / Best Editing / Best Production Design / Best Fashion / Best Fashion Film

Miami Fashion Film Festival Official Selection

Director: Romain Laurent
Written by: Romain Laurent
Cinematography: Julien Meurice
Featuring Jérémie Bélingard
Producers: Nicolas Tiry & Edouard Chassaing
Line Producer: Yannick Roux
Post Production: Reepost
Production: Solab
Agency: AM-PM

By: purecycling

„Hashtag Goodtimes” shows the Canyon Factory Freeride Team riders Thomas Genon, Anton Thelander and Peter Henke on a joint mission, to have the ultimate fun on the best slopestyle course — hidden somewhere in the middle of nowhere. With everything dialed to perfection the riders really put their bikes to the test. The huge airtime was filled with 360 tables, double backflips and mind-blowing transfers.

The music is Itch “Best shot”

„Hashtag Goodtimes” zeigt die Canyon Factory Freeride Team Fahrer Thomas Genon, Anton Thelander and Peter Henke auf gemeinsamer Mission, wie sie in entspannter Atmosphäre fette Tricks in die Luft zaubern — irgendwo im Nirgendwo. Die Jungs geben ihren Canyon Stitched Bikes die Sporen und klopfen u.a. 360 Tables, Double Backflips und unglaubliche Transfers raus.

Die Musik kommt von Itch “Best shot”