Amazing Magnetic Levitation Device!

June 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

By: brusspup

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CLM 2 magnetic levitation module provided by Crealev. For more information on Crealev magnetic levitation products please visit:

Download the music in this video:

Song name: The Last Sun

I had the opportunity to create this video while visiting The Netherlands. It may not seem like it, but this one of my most difficult videos to create. A lot of people were involved in this and I like to say thanks.

Thanks you Dxdutch (girl in the video) for all your help and brainstorming ideas. Be sure to check out her channel and tell her brusspup sent you.

Thanks to Geertje and family for ideas and inspiration.

Thanks to Henk and AKV St. Joost for loaning camera equipment.

Thanks to Anky for letting me destroy her living room for 3 days.

And of course thank you Crealev for allowing me to make a video of your amazing magnetic product. Be sure to check out their website and many of their products.

This device is to huge and powerful, it’s really hard to believe. I’ve had smaller units before that will float items weighing about 1 pound. This unit can float objects weighing near 20 pounds. Even though it’s beautiful to walk in the room and see this unit sitting there, I love to try and hide the unit with various objects. The magnetic disc is hidden under the chessboard, for instance. For the floating books, I made a fake book and hid the magnet in it. The pillow is one of my favorites. The visual of a floating pillow supporting a 7 pound brick is fun to see. And then the last was just so cool to see. As a kid I dreamed of the Millennium Falcon. So to see it floating just brings it to another level of reality.

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