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By: reichhen

Six activities that are particularly excellent when it’s really really cold outside.

Disclaimer: I love winter, and cold weather is the best.

Video & music created by Henry Reich

Special thanks to Scott and Kay Wilson

Barrel Surfing

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By: Break

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From ScottDW, creator ‘Splinter Cell Blacklist – Real Life Gameplay,’ comes a new extreme sport: Barrel Surfing.

Directed by Scott Winn of ScottDW

Shot by Scott Winn, Derek Pueblo & Jack Lawson

Aerials by Cinechopper

Produced by Virality Farm

Music: Set Yourself On Fire by Muscle Hawk

ScottDW Business Contact:
contactscottdw [at]

By: MotherboardTV

In 1991, Cuba’s economy began to implode. “The Special Period in the Time of Peace” was the government’s euphemism for what was a culmination of 30 years worth of isolation. It began in the 60s, with engineers leaving Cuba for America. Ernesto Oroza, a designer and artist, studied the innovations created during this period. He found that the general population had created homespun, Frankenstein-like machines for their survival, made from everyday objects. Oroza began to collect these machines, and would later contextualize it as “art” in a movement he dubbed “Technological Disobedience.”

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By: HillsideCycling

The video was shot during December, which turned out to be the rainiest month of the year.
We hope this film shows the fun of riding year round, regardless of the weather. The main focus was on trails that demand technique, balance, strength and endurance. It rained almost nonstop during the filming, making some of the trails very slick and tough to ride.

The terrain around Gothenburg consists of hundreds of kilometers of natural trails through rolling and rocky forests which makes a durable freeride bike advantageous in many situations. We ride the 2014 Canyon Torque EX Trailflow; a bike we think is made for this type of terrain. The natural topography of Gothenburg can make the trails somewhat muddy and depending on the time of year, it can be a downright mud fest. To look as representative as possible, we chose Mudhugger’s mudguards.

Views from the various MTB areas around Gothenburg make up the intro. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and three GoPro Hero3 Blacks.

Enough about the video, Let’s go!

All the best,

Leo & Natasja