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By: Mitchell Gulliver

Summer of Summit’s SEGMENTS Episode 2 – On The Road

By: PanchoVillista

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Shreds or Tails

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By: brian hunt

Spent a few days in the woods with Ben Reasbeck and Kyle Easby on their trails logging a bit of footage and playing around with some equipment.

You can read more about it on this post on here:

Shot and Edited by: Brian Hunt

Song: E – Love
Artist: The Upsidedown

Sony NEX FS700
Canon EOS C300
GoPro Hero 3 Blacks x 2
and 1 GoPro Hero 3+

Cable Cam rig
Dactylcam GoRig with GoPro attached

Phantom Quadrocopter with Zenmus H3-2D Gimbal

Spinny GoPro rig
Rhino Swivel Mount

Kessler Crane, Pocket Jib and Kpod Tripod legs

Miller Solo 20,

Canon lenses
Tokina 11-16 f2.8
Canon 16-36 f2.8
Canon 24-105 IS f4
Canon 24-70 f2.8
Canon 70-200 IS f2.8

On Camera monitor
Small HD AC7 7.7 OLED

Edited in Adobe Premiere CS6
titles done in Adobe Aftereffects CS6
Color correction was done with

Overlays done with Lumineux by Crumble Pop

By: sostaveditor

Fall Follow

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By: Sebastian Sauer | SAUER Films

Filmed an edited by Sebastian Sauer / SauerFilms
Sponsorted by RideNowClothing and Jocks
-Lukas Demmer
-Moritz Schmidgall
-Carol Kaluzny
-The Naked And Famous – Kill The Littleblackdots

Thank’s for watching!!!

Jeremy Ferey 2013

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By: Genlinso Anthony

Short edit of Jeremy Ferey in “la Plaisanterie” in Venette (oise) – summer 2013
by Anthony Genlinso – Gopro3 Silver
music : Néosignal – Séquenz

By: TEDxTalks

Ash discusses the current state of homophobia in our culture challenging even the word “homophobia” itself. There is no fear, just loathing. Hating things we don’t understand, people we don’t know or anything that is different than our day to day. “Homophobic” people are not scared of anything. We all have a responsibility to live our lives as active activists not passive ones when it comes to protecting our fellow humans from hate of any kind.

Videography credits
Jenn Calaway, Enhancer
Michael Hering, Lodo Cinema
Sarah Megyesy, Side Pocket Images
Satya Peram, Flatirons Films
Sean Williams, RMO Films
Anthony Lopez, Cross Beyond
David Oakley