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By: AngelFireResort

Take a ride with Graeme Pitts down the 2013 Gravity Nationals DH Course at Angel Fire Bike Park in Angel Fire, New Mexico. The course is a combination of Chiilin, Fo Sho (new), Supreme DH and World Cup. Running 2.45 miles long and descending 1,937 feet, this race course is sure to challenge even the best of riders.

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By: 1veritasium

Microwave grape plasma:
Northern Lights:
Nanodiamonds in candle flames:
Relight Candle Trick:

Is a flame really a plasma? Well it depends on your definition of plasma, but there are certainly ions in a flame, formed as molecules collide with each other at high speed, sometimes knocking electrons off of their atoms.

Special thanks to the Palais de la Decouverte for helping me perform this experiment. Using tens of thousands of volts on two metal plates, we created a strong electric field around the plasma. This pulled positive ions in one direction and negative ions in the other direction elongating the flame horizontally and causing it to flicker like a “papillon” (butterfly). Then we showed that much longer sparks can be made through the flame than through air since the ions increase the conductivity.

By: Weebl’s Stuff

This is a tribute to Professor Brian Cox. His show is aces but does rather look like a music video for The Verve or something. Basically he could present it from inside a well lit box and it would be the same.
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