Framed 2

June 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

By: Zimtstern

Three years ago pro mountaibiker Andi Wittmann joined forces with filmer and editor Felix
Urbauer to produce a unique film project. FRAMED I hit the nail on the head – over one
million online views are a testament to that. Following an unfortunate injury, Andi had to
put the planned sequel on hold for a year.

Finally FRAMED II has been released online; a worthy continuation of the first edition, both
in action and filming prowess. The video was filmed in the Wildkogel Arena, where Andi
built trails and jumps for his famous Freeride event NINE KNIGHTS and perfect conditions
aided the epic shootings.

“The goal was to differentiate FRAMED II from normal action videos. It was particularly
important for me that the video not only stoked out the core-scene, but that it also
motivated people that donʼt sit on a bike every day,” explained Andi Wittmann.
For the new video Andi teamed up with Mario Feil (, a film maker from
Rosenheim, who also was put in charge of the production for FRAMED II and will continue
to play an important role in future projects, as the shoots for the third part have already

We hope you enjoy the film

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