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An eye opener on the size of the universe!  #blog  

Original Post from Henry Reich:

How Big is the Universe? [NEW VIDEO]

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Whale Shark Seeks Help

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By: Mark Spencer

A whale shark – a true shark that is in no way related to whales – has
the distinction of being the largest fish in the ocean. It is a filter
feeder and would never swallow a human being. This remarkable story is
of a roped whale shark that sought help from three fishermen off the
coast of Australia just south of Sydney in March, 2003. The documentary
is narrated by Mark Spencer with music and production support by Roger
Faynes. You can also hear an interview with Joe (the fisherman helping the shark) on Brisbane’s ABC radio (with Warren Boland) at or just search for ABC Radio Brisbane and look at Warren Boland’s interview recordings.

Night ride at Samerberg

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By: Big Col

Max Schumann goes for a snowy night ride at Bike Park Samerberg, Chiemgau, Bavaria. Filmed using a Nikon D800 with Nikkor lenses 85mm 1.4, 24mm 1.4, 14-24mm 2.8, 16mm 2.8.

By: GoProCamera

Shot 100% on the new Dive Housing & HD HERO2® camera from

The Director’s Cut dives deeper into the world of a bird and a fish, Roberta Mancino and Mark Healey. This story was collaboratively created on-site in the Bahamas over 5 days, capturing over 150 hours of footage.

Directed and Edited: Bradford Schmidt and Brandon Thompson

Camera: Andy Casagrande, Mark Healey, Roberta Mancino and Bradford Schimidt

Learn more about the new GoPro Dive Housing:

Special Thanks-

Patriot3 Maritime for their amazing Jet Boot technology

Stuart’s Cove

Andy and Emma Casagrande for their filming talents.

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American Dollar, “Flood”
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Lorn, “Grandfather”
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Head: Green Hands:Blue, “Mid-Range Psychology (Parts 1 & 2)”

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Mike Montgomery’s seamless 2nd place run at the 2010 Crankworx Whistler.


Damage Inc. – 2012

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By: Anders Håheim

2012 is over, and we can finally show off our Highlight edit of the year. With so many good moments and great shots, it’s hard to make 1 edit that sums up the year in only 3-4 min, so there was no doubt that it had to be a fast one.

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Destination Arctic Circle in Greenland is Rough. Real. Remote. and four of us took an epic trip in August, 2012 and packed in as much adventure as we could handle.

We spent the first days camping right by the Greenlandic Ice Cap, at Russell Glacier, hiking on the ice and watching our friend, Petr Kraus, a Red Bull Trial Biker, go crazy on the wild landscapes.

Go behind the scenes of the trip:

Producer: MMPFilms
Director: Humbi Entress
DOP: Ralph Baetschmann
Line Producer: Mads Pihl
Editor: Aurora Vögeli
Color Grading: Jürgen Kupka
Music: “Politics / Heart Shaped Pillow” by “Small Time Giants”
Sound Design: Jingle Jungle / Robert Buechel

Check out the photo series from the Rough. Real. Remote. Episode 1:

Winter Depression?

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By: ShapeRideShoot

New bike, new camera and fresh snow. We don’t need something else to have a great time with Vincent Tupin and Benoît Gurnel in front of the lense! Winter is getting you far from your bike? Have a look at this edit and change your mind.

Nouveau vélo, nouvel appareil photo et de la neige fraîche. Nous n’avons pas besoin de plus pour passer du bon temps avec Vincent Tupin et Benoît Gurnel devant l’objectif. L’hiver vous éloigne de votre vélo? Regardez cette vidéo pour changer d’opinion.