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Best Bus Stop Ever

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Are you Born Mobile? Find out at

We wanted to make everyday life better with mobile, so we brought in a few surprises to a bus stop. We put up a poster featuring a URL. We waited for people to visit the mobile site. When they pressed the button, the fun began. Watch to see what happens when we created the best bus stop ever.

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By: QuarterPastWonderful

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“Her Morning Elegance” – from the album “The Opposite Side of the Sea”, written and produced by Oren Lavie. © 2009 A Quarter Past Wonderful.

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Directed by: Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan
Featuring: Shir Shomron
Photography: Eyal Landesman

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This is an awesome commercial. #LGBT   #blog  

Original Post from Christine Paluch:

I normally do not share commercials, but this one is of historical importance. It is so subtle and normal, you would not even know it was historic. However, that is how it should be. 

This is the first recognition of a same sex marriage in a television commercial. Not bad for an ad for an Amazon ereader.

#LGBT #marriageequality  

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Awesome illustration #blog  

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An eye opener on the size of the universe!  #blog  

Original Post from Henry Reich:

How Big is the Universe? [NEW VIDEO]

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Whale Shark Seeks Help

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By: Mark Spencer

A whale shark – a true shark that is in no way related to whales – has
the distinction of being the largest fish in the ocean. It is a filter
feeder and would never swallow a human being. This remarkable story is
of a roped whale shark that sought help from three fishermen off the
coast of Australia just south of Sydney in March, 2003. The documentary
is narrated by Mark Spencer with music and production support by Roger
Faynes. You can also hear an interview with Joe (the fisherman helping the shark) on Brisbane’s ABC radio (with Warren Boland) at or just search for ABC Radio Brisbane and look at Warren Boland’s interview recordings.