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Rider/Editor: René
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Two wheels. One Love.
Filmed while attending the Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival.

Created by Matt Dennison

Movements in Red

January 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

By: Andrew Shurtleff

A moving infrared timelapse movie.

This movie was shot primarily in Albemarle County, Virginia and captured using a Canon 5D mark II converted with a 720nm IR filter over the sensor. The sensor filter allows normal camera operation but shoots only IR images. I used a rail from Dynamic Perception to create the moving images and processed everything in Adode Premiere/After Effects.
Check out my website to see some cool IR stills under the fine arts section. Thanks for watching.

By: TribeSportGroup

Your cornering position is the one that will provide you the maximum gain of time. If you mange to complicatly integrate the mouvment until you do it instinctively, you will be able to through the bike around in no time with grip and dynamism.

By: Shifted Cinema, LLC

Heli cam shots from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Shot with our Sony FS700 up to 240fps.

Music – Sunwill – Stereo Time

By: minutephysics

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny… also, Tshirts!

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Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics — all in a minute!

Music by Nathaniel Schroeder

Thanks to Nima Doroud for contributions and to Perimeter Institute for support.

By: Laurence Crossman-Emms

Two wheels in North Wales are at an all time boom and its bringing the industry along with it. Trail centres, shops, brands and riders are all starting to make an appearance. It was no better time to really start making a push for cycling in Wales and all the hard work has paid off. Already defined trail centres like Oneplanet Adventure, Llandegla are seeing new trails built, but its also paving the way for new developments like Antur Stiniog and Revolution Bike Park, three major facilities all within an hours drive of each other, and that’s only 3 of about 20+ places to ride your bicycle!

There are places in the world that you always want to visit and tick off that “ride” bucket list, but is there a need to travel half way around the world when we can look at the great riding on our doorsteps. Its not until you spend time away from somewhere that you realise what you are missing, you being to appreciate what it has to offer. After investing some time in university study, recently returned Duane Walker was keen to get out on bike and rediscover old stomping grounds but also take a glimpse at what Wales really now has to offer!

The chapter strong “Stories” from Laurence Crossman-Emms goes motion with this piloting episode of Stories:inMotion which follows Duane Walker as he takes you to some of North Wales newsest and most looked apon riding spots.

Stories // The Adventure of One // Captured in Pixels

Laurence Crossman-Emms //

By: sh00tman

Best moments from “Where The Trail Ends”
Music: Lights Out Asia – Ghost Identifier

By: sebastien montaz-rosset

“The heat and the softness of the sunshine

The peace and the rawness of the storms and the cold.

The motion and the rhythm and the ebb and the flow

Of the tides and the wind

Of this glorious weather all around”

Wishing all of our friends a happy and successful time in the year ahead.
We look forward to sharing new ideas and projects with you all.

Thanks to everyone for all your comments, inspiration and enthusiasm… the journey continues!

By: Andrew Whiteford

A little over a week ago I saw Vish Matepi’s video on VitalMTB with this same view. Check it out:

I took an older 150cm ski pole, cut off the basket end and took off the grip. Bent the grip side end of the pole to match the curve of my helmet, and screwed it into my helmet with some hose clamp type mounts. Increasing the diameter of the camera end of the pole with duct tape, I used GoPro’s handlebar mount with the cam hanging upside down, facing back. Finally, added an L bracket off the back of my helmet to add a counterweight- in this case I used two Princeton Tec bike light batteries.

End result…well, you get to watch me for over 4 minutes…hence “Vain-Cam”. However, I think it’s fun to mix the standard POV shots up, and this was a cool test. I’m glad I didn’t see anyone else on the trails, because I did look ridiculous.

Check out the drop on Fuzzy Bunny at 2:09 and Willie shredding next to me at 2:30!