My books of 2006

January 17, 2007 — Leave a comment

This is what I read in 2006. I really hope this list is accurate and I didn’t forget any good book I read. Normally I enter the books I read exactly when I finish them, but last year I’ve been sort of lazy according to this list. The worst case would be my adding books after this article is published. And sorry for not publishing it earlier (I thought I set a publish date but I didn’t *oops*).

## English ##

* The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold
* Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
* The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke
* Hard Rain by Barry Eisler
* Rain Storm by Barry Eisler

## German ##

* Der Schwarm by Frank Schätzing
* Eragon – Das Vermächtnis der Drachenreiter by Christopher Paolini
* Die Nachtwächter by Terry Pratchett
* Das Leben, das Universum und der ganze Rest by Douglas Adams
* Massage by Larry Costa
* Alles Sense! by Terry Pratchett
* Eragon – Der Auftrag des Ältesten by Christopher Paolini
* Der Sommer hinter dem Hügel by Jon K. Stefansson
* Veronika beschließt zu sterben by Paulo Coelho
* Die dunkle Seite der Sonne by Terry Pratchett
* Pyramiden by Terry Pratchett

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