Metaprogramming in C++

November 17, 2005 — Leave a comment

Today I finished my work on a somehow special exam. Our grade of the course taught by [Dr. Zoltán Porkoláb]( would be calculated by a C++-programme. We had one week to write a header file that is included in that programme.

The [main goal]( was to implement a priority queue for a hospital. A must-have was to use templates to implement the so called *pqueue*. We were free to decide whether to use the [Standard Template Library]( or not. My implementation uses the STL, though there’s a lot of understanding necessary. Anyway it is a lot easier than writing the data structures (like a list, vector, map, …) by hand.

Frankly, I had a lot to learn to write that programme, since I’m quite new to C++ and templating. But it’s done now, and I’m glad and relieved I’ve made it that far.

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