fotoalbum r1176

October 14, 2005 — Leave a comment

Hi folks. I’ve been working on fotoalbum to improve themes and using custom style sheets. Check it out, it is now capable of a new theme called sdm-fixed (which will evolve in the following versions of fotoalbum). Please send me feedback on how it works and how it could be improved.

### Changes ###

There are no new features except the support for themes. If you know [Smarty]( then you’ll be able to create new themes easily. If you don’t know Smarty, then go and get a look – it’s pretty simple and straight forward to use.

I removed the fotoalbum logo from the background at the bottom right because it made scrolling very slow. Instead I created a bar with information on the current view (albums, album, image, search) and added the logo there. This information bar replaces the information div on various places (not on all places though, because the image view needs to display much more information than available in the information bar).

### Download ###

As usual I’ll give you a download link to the [new version of fotoalbum](/data/fotoalbum/fotoalbum-r1176.tgz) and the corresponding [fotoalbum wordpress plugin](/data/fotoalbum/ If you need help give me some feedback.

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