fotoalbum r1122

September 22, 2005 — Leave a comment

A brand new version of my [fotoalbum](/2005/08/my-fotoalbum) is out today. Grab it while it’s still hot! With it comes a renewed version of the [fotoalbum WordPress plugin](/wordpress-fotoalbum-plugin).

### Changes ###

* added a configuration screen
* using objects in templates
* removing the m:n relation between images and album
* made changes in templates, classes and others to map the new relation
* an image is now an image without any more information than whats in the database. It has no more pointers in it
* an album now holds all additional information about pages, next/prev image, limits, and so on
* a date editor has been added to help people with the date of images and albums
* many bugfixes

### Download ###

You can get the latest version by [browsing the archive](/data/fotoalbum) or you can get it directly from here:

* [fotoalbum r1122](/data/fotoalbum/fotoalbum-r1122.tgz) for the fotoalbum
* [fotoalbum WordPress plugin]( for the WordPress plugin.

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