fotoalbum plugin for WordPress

September 15, 2005 — Leave a comment

WordPress has so many fotoalbum plugins for galleries hosted by flickr or other online image databases. I made my own [fotoalbum](/2005/08/my-fotoalbum) a few months ago and thus I wanted to create a plugin that can be used. It is designed to be simple and has only a few options yet, but you can already get single thumbnails from fotoalbum images and even whole contents of an album as thumbnails. It also displays the title of the image and uses the current number of image on the page as prefix.

### Overview ###

This plugin is described in detail at the [WordPress fotoalbum Plugin](/wordpress-fotoalbum-plugin) page. You’ll find the syntax, some more examples and a FAQ there. An example of using the fotoalbum Plugin by displaying an album is followed.

### Example ###

My Friends Lena and Michi were on the I-Wolf concert at the pe_zwei in Klagenfurt. Michi had his faboulous Canon EOS 20D with him and took some great shots from the location and – whats more interesting – from I-Wolf and company. Because it was very dark he had to use a flash (Canon Speedlite 580EX) to lighten the room, which nevertheless creates high quality fotos. Let’s have a look.

This is the code I used to display the following album images.

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