Climbing at the Kanzianiberg

September 15, 2005 — Leave a comment

Today we’ve been climbing near the Faaker See at the bottom of the Kanzianiberg. “We” are Daniel, Lea, Mario and me. Daniel and Mario never did any climbing before, so Lea and I told them the basics and showed them our tools. It’s really nice there and the wheather was fine too – perfect. The wall where we’ve been climbing wasn’t that difficult, but there were some situations we were not prepared for.

### Daniels impression ###

My first time climbing was an extraordinary experience for me. It was very challenging physically (just ask my tired arms) and also on a humane level: if you want to come down from the top of the rock again, you need to trust the person that belays you! Fortunately my instructors Lea and René were not just experienced climbers but also reliable friends. Mario did a good job too belaying, so everything remained at the bright side of life 🙂 At the end of a perfect day René showed me how to build a bag of rope – a technique that will make also the handling of the electric lawnmover’s cable much easier for me in the future …

### Thanks ###

Thanks Daniel for your “Wortspende” and the pictures you took – I’d never take my camera up there ;).

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