What a mess

September 12, 2005 — Leave a comment

I’m going to move to another flat. My girlfriend wants to spend more time on her education so she wants to move back to her parents. Today we emptied the living room and the bedroom, leaving behind a lot of mess. I have to admit that it was her who did most of the work by putting things in boxes, labeled them and piled them up. These are some pictures shot with my Canon EOS 300D so you can imagine what was going on.

### Images ###

### Thanks ###

I have to thank my girlfriend Lea for doing most of the work that had to be done – you did it very well. Thank you Krümelchen! And a big thanks goes to her father, Liviu, too. He helped me with a thousand things that had to be brought down to the lorry. He also drove the lorry to my grandmothers place, where I have to store it for now. Thank you grandma for letting me do that!

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