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fotoalbum r1122

September 22, 2005 — Leave a comment

A brand new version of my [fotoalbum](/2005/08/my-fotoalbum) is out today. Grab it while it’s still hot! With it comes a renewed version of the [fotoalbum WordPress plugin](/wordpress-fotoalbum-plugin).
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Sudoku tutorial

September 21, 2005 — 3 Comments

What is Sudoku? Sudoku (or Su Doku) is a japanese puzzle based on the digits from 1 to 9. You have to find the correct positions for these digits in the field to complete the puzzle. The difficulty depends on the numbers given at the very beginning. Easy? No way if you do not have an idea how to begin. And be aware that a good Sudoku puzzle has only one possible solution and can be solved without trying!
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Today we’ve been climbing near the Faaker See at the bottom of the Kanzianiberg. “We” are Daniel, Lea, Mario and me. Daniel and Mario never did any climbing before, so Lea and I told them the basics and showed them our tools. It’s really nice there and the wheather was fine too – perfect. The wall where we’ve been climbing wasn’t that difficult, but there were some situations we were not prepared for.
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WordPress has so many fotoalbum plugins for galleries hosted by flickr or other online image databases. I made my own [fotoalbum](/2005/08/my-fotoalbum) a few months ago and thus I wanted to create a plugin that can be used. It is designed to be simple and has only a few options yet, but you can already get single thumbnails from fotoalbum images and even whole contents of an album as thumbnails. It also displays the title of the image and uses the current number of image on the page as prefix.
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Firefox Extensions

September 14, 2005 — Leave a comment

Mozilla Firefox is a browser I could not live without. As a developer it has so much genuine extensions to work with that make developing webapplications or designing websites a lot of fun. Because there are so much of them out there I compiled the most useful together into another list 🙂
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What a mess

September 12, 2005 — Leave a comment

I’m going to move to another flat. My girlfriend wants to spend more time on her education so she wants to move back to her parents. Today we emptied the living room and the bedroom, leaving behind a lot of mess. I have to admit that it was her who did most of the work by putting things in boxes, labeled them and piled them up. These are some pictures shot with my Canon EOS 300D so you can imagine what was going on.
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You can use a GTK+ tool called [Drivel]( (see Image 1) or one called [BloGTK]( to access your WordPress Blog and add posts (like this one). Alternatively there is a Gnome applet named gnome-blog that basically does the same (although Drivel is much more sophisticated). As you may have noticed I’m mentioning tools for Linux for I am using Linux as my primary Operating System (about 99% of my time). There exists a list of blogging tools for other OSs like Windows and MAC OS at the [Wordpress Weblog Client Page](
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September 9, 2005 — 1 Comment

Now this is neat! [WordPress]( does what I want. And this is the reason I converted to WordPress. WordPress is a weblog tool based on PHP with a MySQL database and valid XHTML 1.0. I also did a new theme looking like my old [Mambo]( template – with small changes and a CSS file much smaller (about 65% of original size).
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The Holly Hack

September 7, 2005 — 5 Comments

Today I found out about a solution to the Internet Explorer problem I recently had with [my fotoalbum](/2005/08/my-fotoalbum/). I read about the Holly Hack that prevents Internet Explorer on Windows to behave abnormally and found out it may be a solution to my problem too.
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