My all new Sony Ericsson T630

February 10, 2005 — Leave a comment
My hand showing a Sony Ericsson T630 in white

I like it. I really like it. I have to tell because I liked my old cellphone as well – the first few days. But then I realised, that it wasn’t the “real thing”. No infrared, no bluetooth, bad keyboard. I got really annoyed – and had to wait a long time to get a new mobile phone. But I really like this one. Really. It’s been two months and I still like it – that’s great, you know?

Because my old mobile got hit really really often by things that should not hit a mobile phone, I thought I should get a small bag for my T630. I really don’t want it to get hit again. The only disadvantage of a bag is: you have to open it… You might laugh, but thats really frustrating when you try to get your phone out of your pants and after it’s finally out you still have to open that bag – time you lose when someone’s calling. I can’t say how often I had to call back because I was too slow! But I shouldn’t bother you with those details. I might take some pictures and put them up on this page.

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