Archives For February 2005

My own Paint Brush.

I found out about the tutorials at the GIMP website ([The GIMP](, so I tried out some of them. The most impressing tutorial for me has been the [“Draw A Paint Brush”]( tutorial by Tuomas Kuosmanen. You can see the resulting image at the left, I’m going to put the gimp source file up when I’ve got more time.
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My hand showing a Sony Ericsson T630 in white

I like it. I really like it. I have to tell because I liked my old cellphone as well – the first few days. But then I realised, that it wasn’t the “real thing”. No infrared, no bluetooth, bad keyboard. I got really annoyed – and had to wait a long time to get a new mobile phone. But I really like this one. Really. It’s been two months and I still like it – that’s great, you know?
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