Programming languages I know

January 15, 2005 — Leave a comment
Image showing logo of Ruby

Last weekend I began to learn Ruby. First I added a search engine for my book collection tool called Alexandria. I like the syntax, it’s much like python or perl, though I don’t like perl that much. Ruby seems to me a really neat language and I began to port my mkmovie tool to that language. Then I thought about a list of languages I already know, but I never made one. This should be the list, whether it is complete I’m not aware of – I’m happy I remember these 😉

This list *should* be chronologically ordered – though I’m not 100% sure it is 🙂

* QBasic
* Javascript
* Java
* Servlets
* Python
* Assembler (MIPS)
* C/C++
* Prolog
* R (little knowledge)
* Fortran
* Ruby

A list of other “programming languages”

* Bash
* Graphviz

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