Canon EOS 300D – Digital Rebel

January 12, 2005 — Leave a comment

I was never that much interested in taking pictures with a digital camera. You don’t have that good quality (cheap lenses, chip, …) and almost everything is done automatically. My father had an old SLR camera that I liked most – so I planned for a long time I wanted to have a digital SLR camera. When I saw the 300D I didn’t like it much at first sight – because it was silver. But I changed my mind after some time – and bought it!

Most of the pictures in the galleries have been taken with my so called “Digital Rebel”, also known as “Kiss Digital” in japan :). I like to fotograph a lot, though my skills are not very sophisticated. I still have to practise a lot.

I like those images from the Canon website, though I don’t know where to find them – I got them some time ago and have them on my harddisc at home, but I can’t find them on the canon website. This shot with the girl behind the 300D impressed me a lot, I might try to do that with my girlfriend and her camera (it’s a Sony P-32, though it has no zoom :/) on a tripod too. I might also need one of these cool shiners in the background :).

I wanted to have the EOS 300D Kit with the EF-S 18-55mm Zoom Lens, which is so cool! All I need now is a Speedlite Flash. I’m thinking about the Speedlite 580 EX – and I want to take some pictures at events like proms or partys.

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