My Trip to Cleveland

May 17, 2004 — Leave a comment

Last year in june Lea (my girlfriend) and I were in Cleveland. The interesting thing about this fact is, that I never intended to go there. Lea got a job in a laboratory as a webpage engineer and she asked me, if I’d like to work there too. Now guess what my answer was 😉

### Living ###

We went there at the beginning of june. Lea has relatives there, where we could stay for that month we were working there. They are very nice people, Gyöngyi and Peter with their daughter Monica. When Monica’s parents weren’t at home we took care of her since she wasn’t even old enough for school (what a lucky little girl :)).

### Working ###

Gy̦ngyi was working at the lab too, so we could get there without having our own car Рwhich I liked most of the time because I could get some sleep during our 45 min ride to work :). But we were working in a different section (IT). She introduced us to everyone when we got there the first time. I liked the people there, they were so friendly and talked to us often.

Our boss originally came from hungary, which is another interesting part of the story. Lea’s family originally comes from Romania, which is a neighbour to hungary. And her mother comes from hungary too, the same with Gyöngyi (her aunt). So most of the poeple working there spoke hungarian or some other foreign language (like romanian, russian, german, …). I was quite lonely with my english/german knowledge, because they were talking in hungarian most of the time.

But there was some other person not knowing hungarian – Joe. He was from Germany and had some “Praxissemester” at the company (which is named CTL by the way ;)). He was our direct boss and explained us what to do. Our project was to rebuild the company’s website. We both had some experience in creating homepages so we kind of managed that project I believe :). The only thing they changed since we were gone was the frontpage and some images.

### Having fun! ###

When we were not working we were out with Joe and Vivi (she was working at CTL too and I liked her a lot, she was really really nice!) and some of their friends.

### Canoeing ###

Once we went canoeing on the cuyahoga river, which we both enjoyed a lot – I would like to say sorry to you Lea for the thousand times i shouted at you for navigating us in very wrong directions. I didn’t mean to be rude! We took a lot of pictures, though. Have a look at them when the gallery is filled :).

### Six Flags ###

We got the chance to get a car for some days and we decided to go to the fun park named “Six Flags”. That was really fantastic! When we started to ride the rollercoasters we couldn’t stop anymore. There was one that was made of wood – and shook the hell out of me! I really felt more than miserable after that ride ;).

### Back home ###

I had to fly home alone at the end of the month because Lea was staying for another 14 days to look after Monica (she was really ‘hyper’).

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